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photograph by Taylor Dabney
James King Woolenshirt (American, Navajo, born 1951), 9-11 on the Rez, 2002, iris print on paper, Joel and Lila Harnett Print Study Center, University of Richmond Museums, Gift of Joel and Lila Harnett, H2002.16.01 ¿ James King Woolenshirt
Aug 17, 2020
throughJul 07, 2021

Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty: Prints from the Collection

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Due to the University's response to Covid-19, the University of Richmond Museums' are only open to the campus community at this time. 

Art and empathy are intertwined. When you spend time to dive into these artworks,
you see inside the head and heart of the artists and find their world — an intricate connection of emotion and passion.

-Tanja Softić, Professor of Art, and Erling Sjovold, Professor of Art, Department of Art and Art History, University of Richmond

Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty: Art from the Harnett Print Study Center opens at the University of Richmond Museums August 17, 2020, through July 7, 2021.  The exhibition is on view in the Modlin Center for the Arts Atrium and in Booker Hall at the University of Richmond.

The University Museums recently created thematic portfolios of art, titled Art & Empathy Portfolios, from the Joel and Lila Harnett Print Study Center collection. Designed for the campus and greater Richmond communities, these portfolios promote an inclusive environment for open dialogue, seeing topics through different lenses, and reflecting on varied experiences. Through interpreting the visual narratives, sharing experiences, and listening to the stories of others, we establish the foundation necessary for empathy and compassion.

This exhibition features a selection of artworks from the portfolios. Each label in the exhibition includes the portfolio theme and a quote from a conversation with a University of Richmond professor or staff member. Their quotes help us understand the types of ideas and thoughts that arise when practicing close looking. The questions on the labels are examples of what would be asked of students when working with a specific portfolio.

Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the School of Arts & Sciences in 2021, and casts a vision for our shared future. These thematic portfolios highlight the mission of the School of Arts & Sciences to foster a community of learners who thrive by questioning, knowing, and acting. 

Organized by the University of Richmond Museums, the exhibition was curated by Martha Wright, Assistant Curator of Academic and Public Engagement, University Museums, and Junru Zhou, ’21, art history and mathematics double major, and the 2020 Harnett Summer Research Fellow, University Museums. The exhibition was developed under the direction of Richard Waller, Executive Director, and N. Elizabeth Schlatter, Deputy Director and Curator of Exhibitions, University Museums.

Conceptualizing Arts & Sciences at Thirty: Prints from the Collection