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Art and Empathy Portfolios

The Art and Empathy Portfolios are theme-based groupings of art from the University Museums' permanent collection. These are meant to function for all groups including academic and k-12 classes, university departments (faculty and staff), community groups, and student organizations. These portfolios have a large number of artworks so that regardless of special exhibitions, or art on campus, an assortment will be available. Built to engage, these portfolios were created with pedagogy in mind. The portfolios are anticipated to promote an accessible environment for students to apply class concepts, for anyone to share perspectives, learn from others, and encourage dialogue over the specific theme.

Art + Empathy Portfolios provide an opportunity for people to see the same topic from different lenses, helping one another open their minds to other’s experiences, and for individuals to understand where they fit within the greater context of the theme and community.

Themes include:

  • Art techniques
  • Gender, Race
  • Humanity in Labor (and Aging)
  • Data + Textures
  • Leadership, War + Protest
  • Spirituality + Faith
  • Medical + Psychology
  • Family + Culture
  • Hypothesis + Imagination

To request a group visit to the Print Study Center, or a virtual discussion with one of these portfolios, please fill out the Tour Request Form, or contact Martha Wright at or (804) 287-1258.

Available Portfolios Include:

Conceptualizing Arts and Sciences at 30

Click here to download the manual that accompanied the exhibition Conceptualizing Arts and Sciences at 30.