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Museums Engagement Report: 2015-2016

A binder lies open on a table, turned to the story of a woman waiting to hear the outcome of her father’s surgery. Turn a few pages and another story describes a photographer capturing the moment he realized he was in love. At the center of it all is a black and white portrait of a woman by photographer Meg Eastman.

Museums are a nexus.

Museums can be a place for stillness and introspection, but they also offer space for people and stories to come together.

They draw you in with the eye-catching colors of a vibrant painting or a massive geode. Their galleries provide space for creation, innovation, and conversation. And sometimes you walk out destined for a course you never expected.

classes from all five University of Richmond schools, as well as other local colleges, visited University Museums in 2015-16
objects pulled from the museum collection storage for faculty and student tours
visits to University Museums
schools in four counties participated in Museum in a Box
works from the permanent collection on view through the Art on Campus program
student works of art displayed on campus in 2015-16
Moments in the Museums
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